Do Democrats Take Blacks For Granted?

Obama is no friend of the poor, and no friend to Blacks. He is simply trying to become America’s newest founding father by rejecting and dismissing the Constitution and over 200 years of American history.

With President Obama now trapped in an election season where no arguments on the basis of his record are forthcoming, the racial agitation has reached a fevered pitch. That “post-racial” administration Obama promised us, was just more snake-oil.

The beauty of conservative policies – be they low taxation, educational choice or equal justice before the law – is that their benefits apply equally to all, with no regard for race, skin color or creed. That pitch may not be as rhetorically appealing to black voters as promises to tailor policies directly toward them, but it does have one key advantage over the liberal approach: It actually works.

Link: The Democratic Betrayal of African-American Voters