Obama’s 2012 Campaign

Four years ago, President Obama had no record to run on besides Hope and Change. Four years later, after stimulus spending that did not work and a health care law that is illegal, a proposed budget plan that makes deficit spending the norm with no path to bring the budget into balance, President Obama still has no record to run on.

Obama’s campaign is left with attacking the court, being community organizer to the dumb masses, and attacking Republicans for coming up with a budget that eventually brings deficits down to a balance condition in 28 years by characterizing Republicans as foisting draconian cuts on (wait for it) the backs of the poor.

Truth is, this administration doesn’t have the will or the way to return fiscal and budgetary sanity to the government.


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2 thoughts on “Obama’s 2012 Campaign”

  1. No Mr. Calloway. YOU are part of the dumb masses. You are part of the party that relies more on an invisible man in the sky than science. You belong to the party of ignorance. You belong to the party that would rather wage a useless war and have thousands of innocents die than pay for a health care plan that will save thousands.

    You are a danger to society, because you are ignorant, and hateful, and a moron. Thank the non existent god that you simply write here for an audience of 5 and make sanwiches rather than have any real power. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. The educational system and your family failed you miserably for you to have become the scared, ignorant old man you are.

    1. Thank you Jake, for giving the gentle readers a sample of what can get you banned from using the comment feature, like has happened to you.

      The rules here are simple . . .

      We all expect civility. Some topics can be emotional, be prepared to focus on the arena of ideas and not the messenger. In other words, you’re not being civil if you end up calling someone names. It’s a supreme violation of net etiquette to be a jerk. There are places where you can go to be one, but this isn’t one of them.

      Thanks also for showing everyone your skill in debating the issues.

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