Big Labor To Endorse Obama

As the A.F.L.-C.I.O. prepares to endorse President Obama on Tuesday, labor leaders say they will mount their biggest campaign effort, with far more union members than ever before — at least 400,000, they say — knocking on voters’ doors to counter the well-endowed “super PACs” backing Republicans. Trying to make Barack Obama America’s newest founding father.

Link: Labor Leaders Plan to Apply New Clout in Effort for Obama

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  1. excerpt…
    It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election.

    “Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion,” he noted.

    […CPUSA chairman Sam] Webb said that for communists there are major differences between Democrats and Republicans. He urged his supporters to continue to back the Democrats.

    Last November, the Communist Party USA was caught scrubbing its website of references that stated it “actively supported” President Obama’s election

    Meanwhile, the CPUSA is delivering this message of harmony to its faithful:
    It is urgent for President Obama, the Democrats, the labor movement and all progressive allies to rally the troops, expose the danger [of anti-socialist resistance] and prepare for war.

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