Open Letter To Carbonite Customer Service

I read the statement from your CEO, Mr. David Friend about dropping advertising from the Rush Limbaugh radio show. It is obvious to me that his statement was based on what the Media Matters  (or similarly minded leftists) folks have told him.

Two things I’d like Mr. Friend to know. I originally bought Carbonite from Rush’s website, based on his recommendation.

Now that I see you have succumbed to the Left-wing blogosphere that can pump out several hundred thousand emails to threaten advertisers of conservatives they don’t like, I have disabled Carbonite and wish to cancel my subscription and request a refund for all of the 346 unused days remaining.

Following Mr. Friend’s actions and his longing for ‘a more civilized public discourse,’ he may be surprised to see that, taken to its logical conclusion, he is contributing to shutting down speech. He can advertise somewhere else if he wants. And I can get my online backup somewhere else too!

Looking forward to a speedy resolution and refund.

Above is what I sent to Carbonite’s customer service department. Your mileage may vary.