Mayor Hayward’s Town Hall Tonight

Sorry I won’t be able to attend the town hall meeting at the Vickery Center tonight, but I do have a question for the mayor. (In case you are going.)

Mr. Mayor, at your April 2011 town hall meeting at Gull Point, you said that the city has a plan to deal with the chronic fecal contamination in Bayou Texar. The health department again had to close the bayou last week. Please tell me what the city’s plan for Bayou Texar is, and what has been done so far?

Treasury Sec. Geithner, ‘We Have No Solutions’

In what has turned out to be the most important news item NOT reported, it is this gem that bubbled up from the questioning of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

After three years of Hope and Change, after three years of blaming the Bush administration for its $4 trillion in debt that the Dear Leader Barack Obama inherited, after 4 yeas of consistent deficit spending, and after spending programs that hike the national debt from 4 to 16 trillion dollars, our treasury secretary is finally asked whether his 10 year budget projection does anything to reduce the debt and deficit. The short answer is NO.

Here’s the way Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury put it . . .

We’re not coming before you to say we have a definitive solution to our long-term problem. What we do know is we don’t like yours.

Well, wait a minute.  What happened to compromise?  What happened to working together?  What happened to crossing the aisle?  You notice how that only goes one way?

It takes pure audacity to presume to tell the American people that the economy is turning around, which it isn’t, while having no intention, not now and not for the next ten years, to limit spending to something less than the government takes in. That is reckless and irresponsible. Well, unless you’re a Marxist.

Apparently no solution is preferrable to a Republican one. Guaranteeing that the President will have a ‘do nothing’ congress.

Where Is The Post-Racial America Obama Promised?

If it exists anywhere, the post-racial America that the Obama campaign promised us exists only in your head, not theirs. Walter E. Williams examines Obama’s Racial Politics with an article by Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Being a community organizer at heart, playing the race card and using divisive politics comes natural for Barack. His campaign gave up months ago to attract working white people. Why do you suppose that is? And Americans elected this empty suit of a President?

Maybe this time around, Americans will have had enough of his broken promises and send him to the unemployment line in November.

Link: Obama’s Racial Politics  |  The Future of the Obama Coalition

Bayou Texar Closed Again

“Visit Pensacola! You’ll love our shit!” There’s your Chamber of Commerce bumper sticker.

Like water sports? Fishing, swimming, water skiing? Come to Pensacola. But just don’t go in Bayou Texar for any of that. The Health Department has closed it for the umpteenth time due to excessive levels of fecal contamination.

It happens so often now, that the Health Department no longer calls it what it is like they used to. Now they’ve sanitized the warning. Now they just call it ‘bacteria.’ You have to call the Health Department to find out the nature of that bacteria. I called to ask. It’s the same as it has always been. Fecal bacteria.

What’s worse, the reaction to it is also the same. After having abandoned the study to find out the sources of the contamination years ago, the city and county officials continue to ignore the problem. Apparently, unless it has anything to do with BP, they’re not interested in cleaning up their own back yard.

Link: Bacteria prompts Bayou Texar health alert

Gasoline, The Hidden Tax On Working People

Whether high gas prices at the pump are referred to as a tax is irrelevant. Although high gas prices are not a tax, they may as well be because it is a distinction without a difference. Everyone pays the price regardless of your economic status or family budget.

Under normal circumstances, the president could effectively lower the price of a barrel of crude oil in a matter of minutes. All he has to do is announce and commit this country into becoming an oil producer instead of an oil buyer.

Using his bully pulpit, he can announce an energy policy that actually gets energy.

  • Free-up natural gas and oil drilling and exploration
  • Call for the rapid approval of the XL Pipeline
  • Building of new refineries.
  • Stop fining the coal industry out of existence with Cap and Trade.
  • Reverse himself on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depot.

All the needed parts to get to energy independence can be announced, and the markets would react.

There is a problem. These are not normal circumstances. We have heard his commitment to reach energy independence before. We have seen his actions doing the opposite. His liberal man-made-global-warming ‘theology’ is calling the shots.

President Obama could hold his press conference on energy independence, a new ‘war,’ if you will, on high energy prices. But his biggest obstacle to him using the bully pulpit on this subject is that no world leader or oil speculator would believe him.

Link: Obama’s Oily Rope-a-Dope, Part 2  |  Who Do You Trust?

Playing Politics On The Backs Of Senior Citizens

Time was when the United States was the envy of the world. A country that took care of its own. A super-power that stood for freedom and liberty.

The 2012 elections are coming. President Obama is staking his campaign on divide and conquer the only way he knows, community organizer style. His options are limited, and everyone knows it. He certainly can’t run on his job performance and continuing to blame Bush. Instead, he has to energize his base, his radical anti-military base (which he is and always has been part of) by gutting the military and weakening our national security.  Continue reading Playing Politics On The Backs Of Senior Citizens

Saudi Newspaper Columnist Could Face Death Penalty

More intolerance from the so-called religion of peace. That would be Islam. The place is Saudi Arabia. A reporter’s life is in jeopardy because he questioned something about the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ on what is believed to be his birthday. According to the article, ‘Insulting the prophet is considered blasphemy in Islam and is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.’

The propensity for Muslims who decide they are offended in the name of the head of their faith to resort to murder is difficult to understand for someone who lives in a country where there still is religious freedom and freedom of thought, the press. As a matter of fact, in America, that freedom is guaranteed in writing.

There was plenty for Christians to be insulted about Sunday night at the Grammy Awards show. Although it was insulting to the faith and Christians, I doubt that Jesus was offended. He is above all that. He is forgiving. Chalk it up to a rebellious tramp that wants attention. She got it. And she is forgiven.

Are we to understand that the faith of the Prophet Muhammad is based on revenge and murder? It seems as though the people who want this kid killed feel an obligation to murder other people to advance their religion. Or at least their version of their religion. I’m not sure which it is. Maybe an Imam somewhere out there can explain it for us?

That there is no such thing as religious freedom in Saudi Arabia should be obvious from the subject of this story. Despite what Saudi Arabia CLAIMS.

Links: Saudi newspaper columnist could face death penalty after he insulted Prophet Muhammad on Twitter  |  Saudi Arabia, ‘No Complaints On Religious Freedoms’

Today’s Special, Daniel Hannan At CPAC

Listen to the advice from someone who has been there. Where ‘there’ is the place where President Obama is taking this country. This video shows what this writer, and I’m not alone on this point, was saying about the Obama administration two years ago.

Essentially, they are heading the country southbound in the northbound lane. And instead of advising him to turn around, they’re telling him to speed up. And before too long, this great country will be in the same shape as Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and the rest of them.

Hon. Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament

Capriles To Run Against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez

State governor Henrique Capriles won Venezuela’s first-ever opposition presidential primary Sunday by a wide margin with 62% of the vote. 30 percentage points ahead of Zulia state Gov. Pablo Perez. Venezuela’s election is October 7, 2012.

“He’s going to be the candidate who can get us out of this giant hole we’re stuck in,” said Carmen Gloria Padilla, a 66-year-old telephone company employee who voted for him.

Some of Capriles’ supporters said they think he has a good chance of winning over Venezuelans who otherwise might lean pro-Chavez because he campaigned on issues instead of personal attacks, promising solutions to problems including a 26% inflation rate and one of the highest murder rates in Latin America.

Chavez remains a hero to many of his supporters and ‘maintains a visceral connection’ to a significant segment of the poor in Venezuela. To woo the suffering poor, Chavez is campaigning on increasing government spending on new social programs that offer cash benefits for the poor, public housing, and transportation infrastructure.

Where have I heard this before? The vacuous socialist political Left, otherwise referred to as the Obama administration.

Link: Venezuela’s opposition chooses youthful governor to challenge Chavez in presidential election

al-Qaida Wants Syria Next

al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims to support Syrian rebels. Good work on that Arab Spring thing President Obama. Syria on one side, Egypt on the other, and Israel the ‘monkey in the middle.’ Only in reverse.

Now, after weeks of slaughtering their own people, the United Nations (aka Useless Nations) and the Arab League call for a peacekeeping force. One small problem with that. There first has to be peace to keep. And right now Syrian President Bashar Assad has his tanks in the cities shooting his citizens.

As an aside, have you noticed the citizens throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the military who are shooting bullets. Know why that is? The people are not allowed to have guns. Only the military and police may have guns. Syrians, same as in Egypt, are not allowed to own guns. I bet they wish they had the right to keep and bear arms. They sure could use it.

Today Sen. Leiberman and others are calling for the administration to support the Syrian ‘rebels’ covertly and overtly with weapons so they can not only defend themselves, but can have some chance of overthrowing the Assad regime.

That’s an interesting proposal. But how about thinking that one through. Do you want al-Qaida or the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Syria?

That’s what happened in Egypt. You can’t deal with Syria effectively enough without including Iran, the puppet master of terror in the Middle East. And not without coming out publicly to explain the end game of who or what will be in charge after Assad.

But that takes leadership.

Link: In complicating move, al-Qaeda backs Syrian revolt