Where Is The Post-Racial America Obama Promised?

If it exists anywhere, the post-racial America that the Obama campaign promised us exists only in your head, not theirs. Walter E. Williams examines Obama’s Racial Politics with an article by Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Being a community organizer at heart, playing the race card and using divisive politics comes natural for Barack. His campaign gave up months ago to attract working white people. Why do you suppose that is? And Americans elected this empty suit of a President?

Maybe this time around, Americans will have had enough of his broken promises and send him to the unemployment line in November.

Link: Obama’s Racial Politics  |  The Future of the Obama Coalition

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2 thoughts on “Where Is The Post-Racial America Obama Promised?”

  1. It’s comical how every time you link to an opinion piece or a institution its always one that’s either conservative or batshit insane conservative. Never anything down the middle. Let me guess, you only watch fox news also. Haha. Such ignorance. Linking to organizations that have been created not to find a view, but to support their own causes is worthless.

    1. You might learn something from reading Walter Williams. If it’s only that your propensity to reply and add nothing to the discussion is something you need to work on, it would be worth your effort.

      And if you are really intellectually curious Dave, you might read the New York Times article written by Thomas Edsall, a longtime Washington Post reporter now with The Huffington Post. Are they ‘batshit insane?’ It was his article that was the genesis of this post.

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