Saudi Newspaper Columnist Could Face Death Penalty

More intolerance from the so-called religion of peace. That would be Islam. The place is Saudi Arabia. A reporter’s life is in jeopardy because he questioned something about the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ on what is believed to be his birthday. According to the article, ‘Insulting the prophet is considered blasphemy in Islam and is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.’

The propensity for Muslims who decide they are offended in the name of the head of their faith to resort to murder is difficult to understand for someone who lives in a country where there still is religious freedom and freedom of thought, the press. As a matter of fact, in America, that freedom is guaranteed in writing.

There was plenty for Christians to be insulted about Sunday night at the Grammy Awards show. Although it was insulting to the faith and Christians, I doubt that Jesus was offended. He is above all that. He is forgiving. Chalk it up to a rebellious tramp that wants attention. She got it. And she is forgiven.

Are we to understand that the faith of the Prophet Muhammad is based on revenge and murder? It seems as though the people who want this kid killed feel an obligation to murder other people to advance their religion. Or at least their version of their religion. I’m not sure which it is. Maybe an Imam somewhere out there can explain it for us?

That there is no such thing as religious freedom in Saudi Arabia should be obvious from the subject of this story. Despite what Saudi Arabia CLAIMS.

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