Obama’s War On America

One would expect a community organizer to be the one advocating for ‘gay marriage.‘ But not the President of the United States.

When Barack Obama says that he is now in favor of gay marriage, something that no other president has said, himself included, isn’t this an attack on traditional American values when it comes to marriage being a union between opposite sexes? Not to mention trying to change the definition of the word.

If the strategy is to make gay marriage the next ‘war’ for some political advantage, then they’ve picked the majority of America as their enemy. And running against most of the country on this issue is not a winning strategy.

Notice the pattern. ABC asks the question about as irrelevant a matter on people’s minds today as birth control or contraception, so it becomes the news. It’s the next social topic to distract folks from Obama’s failing economy, no jobs, and high prices because it is now wall-to-wall in the news.

The ‘fundamental change’ Obama has in mind for America has to be stopped by stopping him in November. That is, if you want the kind of America you and your ancestors grew up in.

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