Obama Shadows Past Presidents

It is fitting that President Obama compared himself and his Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) to President Lyndon Johnson and his Medicare legislation. As if that is something for the narcissist to be proud of, President Obama has inserted himself in former Presidents’ biographies on The White House website.

It is appropriate for a few reasons. Both represent socialized medicine. Both cost more than was  sold to the public. Both are financially unsustainable. And both presidents deceived the American people as to its likely real cost in order to get their legislation passed.

Before Medicare was passed in 1965, LBJ became aware that its cost was way more than promised.  He knew that his government health care program would not pass if the people knew what it would really cost.

Johnson maneuvered every step of the way getting this bill through Congress, and one of the things he did — and this is a little dicey in today’s climate — was suppress the costs. So this young kid gets elected from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, in 1962, and Johnson is explaining to him [over the phone] how you get a health bill through. And what he tells him is don’t let them get the costs projected too far out because it will scare other people:

“A health program yesterday runs $300 million, but the fools had to go to projecting it down the road five or six years, and when you project it the first year, it runs $900 million. Now I don’t know whether I would approve $900 million second year or not. I might approve 450 or 500. But the first thing Dick Russell comes running in saying, ‘My God, you’ve got a billion-dollar program for next year on health, therefore I’m against any of it now.’ Do you follow me?”

His solution was to lie about it. Just like Obama and his political party did with Obamacare. Where Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists are concerned, the end always justifies the mean.

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