2012 Campaign Of Deceit

President Obama has the solution to our economic troubles. He told one of his two preferred audiences, school students and labor unions, in this case it was college students, that we can’t spend more than we take in.  And they cheered. Who can argue with not spending more than you have? The only difference is, the unions know he’s lying and the students don’t.

President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that there is no year in the ten-year budget forecast where the budget deficit decreases. At a House hearing on the subject, I believe it was also he who said that balancing the budget was not a priority for the administration because it would mean making substantial cuts to entitlement programs. He said ‘the people won’t stand for it.’

Translation: Doing the right thing will be disastrous to our base and the president’s re-election. So, we punt.

It’s not a hard decision to make, given what is happening to the E.U.; Greece, Italy, Spain, and others. We can be successful by living within our means, or we can count the years until what we are seeing in the streets of Greece begins to happen here.

This lie is so blatant, so much of a 180 from the truth, it is impossible to defend. Which is probably why the mainstream media ignores it.  After all, in 2008 they promoted the vacuous campaign of ‘Hope and Change.’ Four years later, they are delivering a campaign designed to deceive the American people.