Playing Politics On The Backs Of Senior Citizens

Time was when the United States was the envy of the world. A country that took care of its own. A super-power that stood for freedom and liberty.

The 2012 elections are coming. President Obama is staking his campaign on divide and conquer the only way he knows, community organizer style. His options are limited, and everyone knows it. He certainly can’t run on his job performance and continuing to blame Bush. Instead, he has to energize his base, his radical anti-military base (which he is and always has been part of) by gutting the military and weakening our national security. 

Aside from the leftover anti-nuke crowd of decades past, have you heard any groundswell of opposition to our nuclear posture? No. Have you heard any groundswell of opposition to contraception from Republicans? No. That is a wholly made-up controversy that the media created and has no problem promulgating. Perpetrating class warfare, wealth envy, anti-capitalist policies, crony capitalism, and flooding the population with street money is what he does.

The street money I’m talking about is the extra $40 a month that working people will see in their paycheck. Actually, you won’t see it because it first appeared last December. For two months. So now it’s been extended a year. (With no nerve or expectation that it will ever come back.) But President Obama will tell you that he is putting extra cash in your paycheck. What’s unbelievable is that, rather than call out Obama for raiding social security, rather than stand up to their demagoguery, Republicans fell right into their ‘tax cuts for the rich’ trap, enabling the Obama administration to plunder Social Security again. One can only imagine the media outrage if there were an R in The White House wanting to cut funding for Social Security.

The narrative from the Democratics and their media allies is that Republicans are cruel, mean-spirited, and want old people to starve and die. We’ve all heard it. Then, Miss Looney Toon Maxine Waters tells her supporters that Republicans in Congress are demons. Professional. Very professional. For Maxine. But I digress.

Do you know what it takes from every working American to shoulder their rightful responsibility to take care of our own? I’m speaking of the oldest among us here. Those senior citizens, and future generations of senior citizens depend on something called Social Security. We voluntarily (at the point of a gun) surrender our own sweat equity to help them like others (we assume) will do for us when we reach our golden years.

Some of that responsibility can be seen in your paycheck as an extra $40 a month. It’s a part of our social cost for living in a society that has a safety net for our parents and grandparents.

Nevermind the fact that in a decade or two, and absent any real substantive reform, Social Security will be insolvent. Not able to fulfill its promise. All our lives the political class told us that Social Security payments were like a savings account, kept in a lock box for us when we reach our golden years. That’s probably the biggest lie ever told to the largest number of people in the history of the world. I could be wrong on that, but I doubt it.

I don’t blame Republicans for using class warfare to divide the country and rally the moocher class and statists against Republicans and those paying the bills. That’s all on Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm, mmm, mmm. I do blame both Republicans and Democratics though, in their willingness to raid Social Security for their $40 a month street money.

That $40 deduction in your paycheck is the only funding source for Social Security. How compassionate is it to take money that is supposed to be for our senior citizens ending years and give it, in the form of tax cuts, to someone else, young and working?

Is this the hope and change you had in mind from our Dear Leader? The next time you hear a newscast interview with someone saying how important that $40 is to them, realize that the senior citizens on social security, and the generations of future recipients to come, are the ones paying for it.

If you support this tax cut, which really is the looting of Social Security, you should be ashamed of yourself for giving up on your responsibility to take care of your parents and grandparents. The Obama administration should be ashamed of themselves for dreaming up such a hideous scheme, for purely political purposes. And on the backs of the aged no less.

The only thing good about this move is that it exposes President Obama’s true priority. Getting re-elected. That $40 a month is not going to do anything to move the economy. It will move much smaller things however, like the brains of the dumb masses.

It also shows how Republicans and the media have no spine and no will to take him on by calling it what it is. The sanctioned looting of Social Security.

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