High Gas Prices, A Good Thing?

While everyone else is feeling the pain at the pump, President Obama is having trouble feeling your pain. In a most amazing turnaround from an economical and political standpoint, high gas prices are now a good thing.

Watch the transformation in this video.


Steven Chu is Energy Secretary because he and Obama are soul brothers in the concept of sacrificing the economy with high gas prices so as to (in their liberal minds) force development of alternative energy sources. Chu is the same Energy Secretary that wants you to paint the roof of your house a reflective white, ostensibly to change climate change. Not sure if there is any racial implication in that. Anything is possible with this administration.

Raising ‘taxes’ on the poor is part of the plan. See The Poor Tax, and how Obama screws the poor while saying he has their back. Backside is more accurate. Of course, the media doesn’t see it that way.

Labor Unions Over Half Of Government Employees

There is a certain synergy between labor unions and the government.


When you follow the money, that relationship is nearly incestuous. Some observers, like Rush, label it as a money laundering scheme. Your taxes go to Washington, to Big Labor, and back to Washington in the form of campaign contributions.

It’s a great system, for the public labor unions. Not so good for the taxpayers footing the bill.

It also explains why Big Labor is against voluntary membership and for mandatory dues payroll deductions. Both of which the Obama Administration support. Both of which, for example, is why Big Labor is spending millions of dollars trying to recall the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.