Mia Love Breaking Barriers, Conservatives Rising

Meet Mia Love, running for Representative of Utah District 4. Mrs. Love is not your average republican. Aside from being the first black woman  to be elected to Congress, Mia Love is conservative, Black, and (not that it matters) a Morman.

Contrary to what Progressive pundits or the head of the DNC would have us believe, the Tea Party is not dead. They have merely become invisible. They are not in the streets any more. Instead, they are getting elected to basically save this country as we know it.

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EPA, High Mileage Cars Not Permitted In U.S.

If there are only three or four cars capable of 70 mpg, the gas tax revenue shortfall angle is negligible. But not necessarily a limitation. There’s nothing stopping Washington from coming up with a new tax to replace half the gas tax revenue that would be lost by doubling the gas mileage (presuming every car in the country also doubles their mileage.) Or, just double the existing excise tax. Either way, the working poor will be hit the hardest.

The reason why a Volkswagen that gets 70 miles per gallon can not be sold in the United States is because of government regulation. The real reason is the emission standards as dictated by the EPA and the Obama administration. The penny-pincher on gas emits more ‘pollution’ than what the EPA allows. And the reason for that is the farcical man-made global warming BS coming from what is now known as the environmental movement. Wholly embraced by the Obama administration.

The EPA is one government agency that needs to be reduced to an advisory agency, not a regulatory agency. Congress is our regulatory agency. Or better yet, just eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and save $8.3 billion a year without them. In ten years time, and without the idiotic baseline budgeting scheme, that represents a saving of $83 billion dollars.

Obama Shadows Past Presidents

It is fitting that President Obama compared himself and his Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) to President Lyndon Johnson and his Medicare legislation. As if that is something for the narcissist to be proud of, President Obama has inserted himself in former Presidents’ biographies on The White House website.

It is appropriate for a few reasons. Both represent socialized medicine. Both cost more than was  sold to the public. Both are financially unsustainable. And both presidents deceived the American people as to its likely real cost in order to get their legislation passed.

Before Medicare was passed in 1965, LBJ became aware that its cost was way more than promised.  He knew that his government health care program would not pass if the people knew what it would really cost.

Johnson maneuvered every step of the way getting this bill through Congress, and one of the things he did — and this is a little dicey in today’s climate — was suppress the costs. So this young kid gets elected from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, in 1962, and Johnson is explaining to him [over the phone] how you get a health bill through. And what he tells him is don’t let them get the costs projected too far out because it will scare other people:

“A health program yesterday runs $300 million, but the fools had to go to projecting it down the road five or six years, and when you project it the first year, it runs $900 million. Now I don’t know whether I would approve $900 million second year or not. I might approve 450 or 500. But the first thing Dick Russell comes running in saying, ‘My God, you’ve got a billion-dollar program for next year on health, therefore I’m against any of it now.’ Do you follow me?”

His solution was to lie about it. Just like Obama and his political party did with Obamacare. Where Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists are concerned, the end always justifies the mean.

Obama’s War On America

One would expect a community organizer to be the one advocating for ‘gay marriage.‘ But not the President of the United States.

When Barack Obama says that he is now in favor of gay marriage, something that no other president has said, himself included, isn’t this an attack on traditional American values when it comes to marriage being a union between opposite sexes? Not to mention trying to change the definition of the word.

If the strategy is to make gay marriage the next ‘war’ for some political advantage, then they’ve picked the majority of America as their enemy. And running against most of the country on this issue is not a winning strategy.

Notice the pattern. ABC asks the question about as irrelevant a matter on people’s minds today as birth control or contraception, so it becomes the news. It’s the next social topic to distract folks from Obama’s failing economy, no jobs, and high prices because it is now wall-to-wall in the news.

The ‘fundamental change’ Obama has in mind for America has to be stopped by stopping him in November. That is, if you want the kind of America you and your ancestors grew up in.

2012 Campaign Of Deceit

President Obama has the solution to our economic troubles. He told one of his two preferred audiences, school students and labor unions, in this case it was college students, that we can’t spend more than we take in.  And they cheered. Who can argue with not spending more than you have? The only difference is, the unions know he’s lying and the students don’t.

President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that there is no year in the ten-year budget forecast where the budget deficit decreases. At a House hearing on the subject, I believe it was also he who said that balancing the budget was not a priority for the administration because it would mean making substantial cuts to entitlement programs. He said ‘the people won’t stand for it.’

Translation: Doing the right thing will be disastrous to our base and the president’s re-election. So, we punt.

It’s not a hard decision to make, given what is happening to the E.U.; Greece, Italy, Spain, and others. We can be successful by living within our means, or we can count the years until what we are seeing in the streets of Greece begins to happen here.

This lie is so blatant, so much of a 180 from the truth, it is impossible to defend. Which is probably why the mainstream media ignores it.  After all, in 2008 they promoted the vacuous campaign of ‘Hope and Change.’ Four years later, they are delivering a campaign designed to deceive the American people.