More Planted Questions At CNN Democrat Debate

It must depend on what the meaning of ‘undecided’ is. The so-called undecided Undecided voter is Sen. Harry Reid Staffer voters that Wolf Blitzer introduced turn out to be anything but. Is it any wonder that Democrats won’t debate on a FOX sponsored event? They have a burning need to know the questions before they are asked or know that they won’t be asked a question that they don’t want to answer. Yet they do want to be Commander In Chief.

In a nutshell, CNN’s six ‘undecided voters’ were: a Democratic Party bigwig, an antiwar activist, a Union official, an Islamic leader, a Harry Reid staffer,” who’s not even old enough to vote yet, and “a radical Chicano separatist.”

h/t to Rush for mentioning it and Michelle Malkin for the video research.

UPDATE 11/27/07 :And it gets worse for CNN, getting caught redacting the transcript.

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