Democrat Primary Debate Missed Iran’s Missiles

Tonight’s Democrat Primary Debate started off with Iraq and Iran and spent a lot of time on that subject. Some thought calling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (aka Quds Force) a terrorist organization was provocative and some, like Hillary, thought it was correct, as was the resolution that stated such. Again, some signed that, some didn’t. That says a lot right there. None of them spoke about winning. All of them spoke about just getting out of Iraq.

The most astounding thing about this so-called debate was that the moderators allowed all the time on Iraq and Iran to go by without once asking any of the candidates about the 107 mm Iranian made rockets that are landing in and around Baghdad. Not a word about the Iranian made super penetrating IED’s. What I saw was the candidates tripping over each other to say how negotiations and diplomacy is the way they would handle Iran. Most of them wanted Congress to make some kind of resolution to declare that there will be no military action on Iran without Bush coming to Congress for permission, and some wanted to just take that option off the table. It was that dual reality again. Their “reality” was as if Iranian made rockets and IED’s had never happened, but which continue on an almost daily basis. They are all clearly in denial regarding Iran. And the moderators let the Commander in Chief wannabes get away with that.

What is NBC going to do with three Chris Matthews? Lets see, they have the original Chris Matthews, they have Brian Williams and Tim Russert. For letting Iran’s active involvement in Iraq to pass without one question earns them “Chris Matthews” status in my book.

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