Federal Election Commission Fines Democrat 527’s

The Media Fund, a Clinton-inspired union-financed group headed by Harold Ickes, former aide to Bill Clinton, played a major role in the 2004 election and has agreed to pay a $580,000 fine after the Federal Election Commission concluded it illegally ran advertising, $53.4 million worth, against President Bush and in favor of Democrat John Kerry. The FEC ruled the advocacy advertising was a violation of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill.

In August, another group allied with Democrats, America Coming Together, agreed to pay a $775,000 fine under the same law. America Coming Together is a George Soros (billionaire socialist) and Peter Lewis (Chairman of Progressive Insurance Co.) financed group. America Coming Together is led by Steve Rosenthal, who is the former political director for the AFL-CIO.

Isn’t it odd that this news was ignored by the media? Is there any doubt as to media bias here?

AP link: FEC Fines Groups Allied With Democrats

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