Democrats “Lose Traction” On Ethics Reforms

Democrats stall, lose traction.  Traction?  A full week has gone by since Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) was indicted for bribery and racketeering charges and the majority, democrats, can not agree on how to do its own ethics investigation of Jefferson, parallel but not connected to the criminal investigation. Moving with all the deliberate speed of the United Nations, they are busy revamping ethics enforcement.

This investigation isn’t going to happen anytime soon. A week goes by and no action on Jefferson. Following the Bush lead I guess, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not being moved by an individual case like Jefferson’s.  She’s going for the big picture.  She’s going for a comprehensive ethics reform plan.  Without pressure from the media, it could take years (stall) before they might get around to even opening an investigation.   The criminal process may take care of it for them.

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