Selective Transparency For DOJ

Voter registration booth at sight where Brown died.

“Transparency” has lost its meaning. At least where the government and the media is concerned. When there’s a great racial narrative going, like a White cop (or a “White Hispanic” community watch dude) shooting a Black kid, that’s all you need to pick that scab, again. Instant ratings for the media, and another opportunity to stir up racial unrest. With everything else going wrong in the administration, this is a distraction that was made to order.

(Update:8/18/2014, see voter registration booth where Michael Brown was killed)

So we now find out that the Executive Branch (DOJ) didn’t want the convenience store robbery video released. And the media complied. Even though they knew a video existed, there was no reporting about it. That is, until the police released it themselves.

What’s so bad about transparency? All we think we know about the Michael Brown shooting is that the cop wasn’t aware of the robbery that Brown committed fifteen minutes earlier. And, that Brown knew what he did fifteen minutes before coming in contact with the cop. Gee Mr. Media, any chance that something other than a White cop shooting a “gentle giant” may have happened?

Carrying a political agenda is one thing, but it becomes dangerous (in so many ways) when it is coupled with the “news” media. And, reason enough to be skeptical about anything that comes out of the so-called mainstream media.

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