Obama’s Next Distraction, ‘we tortured some folks’

No. “We” did not torture some “folks.”

This was addressed seven years ago. And the pro-Islamists like Dick (Turban) Durbin, and then Senator Obama, who couldn’t fight a war on terror if their next welfare check depended on it, were calling “water boarding” torture. Not because it worked, but because it was the Bush administration that sought, and got, legal authorization to do it. And “it” was not deemed to be torture.

Having as his only mission to reverse everything Bush, and everything Republican, President Obama is still at it. But it might be politically useful to bring this up again (for the Obama-media) to distract the folks from his anti-immigration practices of not following immigration law he is supposed to be enforcing. And acting as Coyote-in-Chief. There is so much to be distracted from. High Black unemployment, shrinking median family incomes (especially on his core constituents), Obamacare’s broken promises, abuse and intimidation by the IRS, DOJ, BLM and EPA, Benghazi lies for political gain, etc.

Besides, the number of Islamic waste that were water boarded were three, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zabaydah, and Abd Al Rahim al-Nashiri. And they were terrorists, not “folks.” Folks are law-abiding citizens. Terrorists are terrorists.  Water boarding is water boarding.

Torture looks like this,

and this.















And it often ends up like this.

beheaded americanFor a look at what torture is like, just look at the torture manual used by our enemy. Waterboarding is a method of interrogation that appeals to the most basic of animal or human instinct, survival. It works. It is the only interrogation technique that a subject can walk to and walk away from with not so much as a mark on their body. The interrogatee can return to his cell to masturbate in front of the female guards, and go on to have a good night’s sleep. Unlike the pictures of what is real torture.

Obama’s faux concern over torture now is just another distraction.

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