“Gun Control” Controls The Wrong People, Not Guns

If you need an example of how so-called “gun control” is ineffective in crime prevention, you need to look no further than the Ramsey Orta case. Orta is the 22 year-old thug who recorded the police takedown of Eric Garner, who died on the scene from the incident. Orta was caught stuffing a 25 cal. semiautomatic pistol in an accomplice’s waistband. Both were arrested on weapons charges and drug possession.

Orta is a two-time convicted felon and as such, is not allowed (by law) to buy or have a weapon. But that didn’t stop him from getting one that was reported stolen in Michigan seven years ago. Ramsey Orta’s record includes assault, robbery, unlawful gun possession, and threatening to kill someone with a gun.

Orta has a previous weapons conviction on his record which prohibits him from possessing a firearm. He is also facing previous charges for assault and robbery. He is due in court this month on robbery charges stemming from a May arrest and an assault charge from an arrest three days before Garner’s death, according to court records.

Looks like New York City has a catch and release program too!

Link: Ramsey Orta who filmed fatal NYPD chokehold arrested on gun charges