10.2.10 One Nation Working Together Report

Any questions where most Americans stand?

As best I can determine, having missed the big event, the 10.2.10 One Nation Working Together march on Washington was about as I expected it would be. A gathering of labor unions, socialists, statists, communists, and progressives that don’t like America very much. They’re angry at Obama for not fundamentally changing America already, like he promised. And they’re really angry that the political winds seem to be blowing Right.

Mike Papantonio’s version of what it was all about was that they (progressives) have to get their lemmings out to vote else they’ll be subject to more freedom and liberty for at least the next ten years or so. No big secret that the union’s stake in this is their unsustainable pension plans that they want the taxpayers to pay for by whatever means necessary.

Another account of the One Nation show was that they met there with no specific purpose in mind other than to hawk their own special interest, and to protest for the sake of protesting. Yes Virginia, the 60’s wannabes are among us. If they only had a cause that most Americans cared about.

Dumb and dumber came together on Saturday for the “One Nation Working Together” march on Washington, D.C. The liberal group of union members, migrant farm workers, NAACP members and gay rights advocates seemingly had no one agenda, other than, well protesting.

Update: After publishing their list of sponsors on their website, now that the event has passed, the One Nation Working Together website has scrubbed the list of sponsors, putting up an abbreviated list instead. Why would they do that? Aren’t they proud of the fringe wackos that supported them?

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