Khavari For Governor YouTube Video

This isn’t a flashy video produced in Hollywood. It’s not funded by the coffers of the DNC or the RNC. And it’s not funded by special interests. Unless by ‘special interests’ you mean you and me and individual citizens around the State of Florida who care as much about Florida as he does. Right, it’s not fancy or flashy. And, it doesn’t attack the character of his opponents nor does it call them evil or criminals. I already did that.

What it does do is show you how sincere candidate Farid Khavari (I) is on helping the State of Florida and its citizens. He details the reason you should vote for him. He doesn’t tell you why you should not vote for someone else. How refreshing!

Isn’t this the kind of person we’ve been looking for to be chief executive of our state? Farid Khavari is the only candidate with an actual plan for the State of Florida that will promote economic recovery and create private sector jobs while making it possible for people to stay in their homes.

Like him, I invite you to go to his website and check out his plan for yourself. Then on November 2, vote for the person you think can deliver for Florida instead of the candidate with the most TV and print exposure. I think you will find that to be Dr. Farid Khavari, Independent candidate for Governor of the State of Florida.

Link: Khavari For Governor

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