Reading Is Fundamental, Unless . . .

Unless it works against your spin, lying, and mis-characterization of Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement law SB1070 and the subsequent amendment to it HB2162.

That is exactly what the president, the attorney general, the director of homeland security AND the president of Mexico have done. Oh, and let me also include Congressional Democrats who gave the standing O to Calderon when, before a joint session of Congress, he said the Arizona law was racial profiling. Quick to pass judgment, quick to demonize, quick to inflame Latinos and further divide America for purely political purposes, none of these people whose responsibility it is to know the truth, utter the truth.

Liberals like videos. It’s easier than having to read things like the stimulus bill or the health care bill, or even these 17 pages of Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement bill.  Here’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Having perfected lying to the American people, aided and abetted by the willing accomplices in the media, I think we have reached the most dishonest and arrogant administration in American history. When you understand that we are saddled with a group-thought process where the end justifies the means, lying about what you’re doing and what you want to do is no big deal. Hell, it’s expected. Progressives and Liberals have to lie about what they want to do because what they want to do would never be approved if put to a vote.

Start anywhere you want to find a lie: health care reform will cost us less, there will be better care, the stimulus bill will create jobs, GM has paid off May I see your ID?their loan, they don’t want to take over the auto industry, no tax increases for people earning less than $250,000, we need to live within our means and pass this $195 billion dollar bill that is 30% ‘paid’ for, we now have ‘pay-go’ so we’ll no longer be spending money we don’t have,  and if you live in Arizona and you take your kids to buy an ice cream cone and walk down the street with them, you’re going to be harassed by the police.

Today’s reading assignment: Arizona’s bill SB1070, and amendment HB2162.