Pakistan Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

The proverbial chickens are coming home to roost in Pakistan, and possibly to a radical mosque near you.

You may recall a few weeks ago, the comedy TV show ‘South Park’ included a character representing Mohammed wearing a bear suit. It was totally in character for South Park to do something like that, since they take no prisoners and pull no punches. They make fun of everyone and everything. Religious figures, political figures, whoever or whatever.

Some Muslim somewhere complained, and surprise! South Park producers caved. (no pun intended) They blocked out the character in repeat showings of that episode.

Then another person put up a Facebook page called ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ where you could apparently draw or upload your representation of Mohammed.

For those who don’t know, Mohammed for a Muslim is like Christ, God, or Buddah for other people. Except that Mohammed is from this earth and regarded as a prophet by Muslims. I don’t know if he had a job or trade, just that he was a prophet. No miracle birth, wise men, etc.. The other difference is that some Muslims get their shorts in a wad real quick when someone puts up an image and calls it Mohammed. Some get so extreme as to commit murder over it, which, by what I’ve seen in the Koran, is against Mohammed’s teachings. Go figure.

There is an interesting element to this religion in that some-one’s faith can be so shaken by a drawing or a picture that it would cause them to go crazy. This does not happen in any other religion that I know of. These same radicals have drawn stupid pictures of Christ and the Virgin Mary and those whose religion is not referred to as a ‘religion of peace’ just blow it off as a crazy picture drawn by an insensitive bastard and move on with their life. Don’t know why they can not do the same.

So Pakistan, literally facing attack and suicide bombers from the radical elements of Islam on a daily basis, had blocked Facebook from the country. And for that, Pakistan wins the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.

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