Know Your Florida Gubernatorial Candidates

Florida governor candidates compared in black and white


Miami, FL April 21 – Noted economist and Democratic Independent gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari today challenged voters to think about their own futures and the future of Florida. “People should vote in their own interests, not for candidates who represent special interests,” said Khavari. “It’s not complicated, but this year, with over a million Floridians unemployed, and over 800,000 foreclosures in Florida, our choice of governor is a more important decision than ever.”

Khavari offered a simple comparison:


Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a respected economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His Economic Plan for Florida is at

Khavari Brings Message To Gulf Breeze Democrats

On Saturday April 17th, Dr. Farid Khavari, Democratic candidate for Governor of the State of Florida, brought his message to the Fourth Annual Luau Gala in Gulf Breeze presented by the Santa Rosa County Democrats.

There were about 50-60 people there who took in some Hawaiian music and dance, some good BBQ from Billy Bob’s, and the reason they all came, to hear from the candidates.

The lack of any local news media was disappointing. What you don’t know can hurt you. The print and broadcast media did you no public service in this vital election cycle by not telling you about the candidates that came to speak. They ranged from local school board, U.S. House and Senate seats, and Florida Governor.

But there is a bigger problem with the Democratic Party of Florida that spells bad news for Floridians. Which is, they have already given millions of campaign cash to their anointed candidate, Alex Sink, before the primary process is over. The party leadership and the Sink campaign are not interested in the Democratic process. They made up their minds on who they want to see in Tallahassee months ago. Additionally, they run from any opportunity to sponsor a debate between the two top and credible Democratic candidates, Sink and Khavari. In fact, they won’t have them in the same room together. Don’t forfeit your right to an open and fair primary process. Tell party Chair Karen Thurman and Executive Director Scott Arceneaux that you want a public debate between Alex Sink and Farid Khavari. Floridians have a right to know just who has a plan for them, and who has smoke and mirrors.  Their phone and FAX numbers are Phone:850.222.3411, Fax: 850.222.0916

Besides having a real economic plan for Florida to stimulate the economy and create jobs without deficit spending, something the others do not have, Khavari demonstrated how his message appeals to all Floridians; Democrat, Republican, and Others. His policies are more about helping Floridians instead of special interests. He does bring people together for the good of the State of Florida, breaking through the political party walls that we’ve become used to, if not tired of.

He recounted his appearance at an April 15th Tea Party in Punta Gorda, FL as an invited speaker. First of all, how many Democrat candidates have you ever seen speaking to an audience of Tea Partiers? What is different about Khavari, aside from his message, is that the courage it takes to speak at a Tea Party comes from the strength of his conviction that his platform is for all Floridians, not just Democrats or Republicans, and his concern for the people of the State of Florida.  Khavari said “First, it was very hostile, but later I was very welcome after I spoke.”

This video needs a disclaimer. It is my first one and I see it begs for the use of a tripod. OK, next time.

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There's A Lot To Be Thankful For

The community organizer-turned-President of the United States took another opportunity to show his arrogance toward Americans that don’t appreciate all that he has done to the country.

Speaking at a DNC fundraiser in Miami Thursday night, the President said . . .

“In all, we passed 25 different tax cuts last year. And one thing we haven’t done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year — another promise that we kept,” he told supporters at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. “So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you.”

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh took him up on his suggestion, thanking him for a number of accomplishments.

Khavari Reacts To Crist SB-6 Veto

Khavari congratulates Crist on SB-6 veto

Miami, FL April 15 – Noted economist and Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate today congratulated Florida Governor Charlie Crist on his veto of SB-6.

“I know it was a tough decision,” Khavari said, “and I am pleased that Governor Crist did the right thing, despite heavy pressure from Republicans in the Legislature. I am speaking as a parent and an American, not as a Democrat or Republican.”

Referring to the controversial bill, Khavari added, “SB-6 was tossed together and passed in the dead of night. It was political posturing rather than a constructive change. We all agree that teacher evaluation is an important component of improving education, but it is not the whole answer.

“We need more input from teachers and less input from legislators if we are going to find the right solution. We also need to evaluate student performance in terms of the home environment and parental involvement.  Where student performance is worse, we need better, more motivated teachers. Let’s look for carrots rather than sticks.”

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a respected economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His Economic Plan for Florida is at

Tea Party Media Coverage

This isn’t what you think it is. This isn’t about FOX reporting on the Tea Parties and the rest of the media all but ignoring them. Or when they’re not being ignored, they’re being denigrated and called inflammatory names. That’s too easy.

Tonight I sampled a lefty talk radio host named Mike Malloy to see what he was talking about. A listener, imagine for a moment that these people actually vote, but a listener emailed him to ask why the Tea Party coverage is so out of sync, in their opinion, with other demonstrations and causes.

According to Mike Malloy, it’s because these ‘baggers’ protesting the Obama administration ‘have a potential for extreme violence’ and are all armed and dangerous, and just waiting to blow your head off. That, and they’re all morons. And the protests against Buch/Cheney were all peaceful.  What?

It was harder for me to record this than it will be for you to listen to this three minute extravaganza. But I’m happy to make that sacrifice for you. The sound quality actually matches the content, but it is a little hard to listen to for a number of reasons.

Mike Malloy opines on TV coverage of the Tea Parties.

Next time you hear those on the left accusing people like Rush Limbaugh of perpetrating ‘hate radio,’ think of Mike Malloy. Malloy is more rabid than the Ring of Fire folks, and who ever thought that to be possible?

Khavari Coming To Gulf Breeze Saturday

The details of Khavari’s visit are in this post. You’ll have to ask the Pensacola News Journal why you haven’t heard of him anywhere else locally but here.  Dr. Farid Khavari is a Democrat candidate for Governor of the State of Florida. And he continues to be the only candidate with an economic plan for Florida and Floridians that is proven and in writing. But for more background of who he is, his background, and his platform, please read on.

Khavari seeks Dem nod for governor of Florida

By Grace Nasri, Iran Times, 9 April 2010.

Iranian-American Farid A. Khavari is one of a handful of candidates seeking to become governor of Florida, but first he must pass through the Democratic primary, scheduled for August 24.

Khavari, who was born in Yazd, is an economist, author and small business owner.

The leading candidate on the Republican side is Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is running against State Senator Paula Dockery in the Republican Primary.

The Democratic candidates so far include Marc Shepard, a substitute teacher and former aide to State Representative Barry Silver, Alex Sink, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Joe “T.J” Allen, founder of the International Caribbean Association (ICA), Michael E. Arth, an urban designer and policy analyst and Khavari.

When the Iran Times spoke with Khavari several months ago, he laid out why he felt he was the best candidate for the job. “There are two main competitors: Alex Sink who is the Florida CFO. She has been endorsed by the Democratic Party. The Republican Party has endorsed the former congressman and the present Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum. Both of them are not popular among the average people. Alex Sink is also the former CEO of the Bank of America. I get more support from the grassroots than they get. They are the agents of big businesses and big banks.”

As an economist, the main issues Khavari focuses on include economic security and sustainability and what he calls a green economy. His ideas for change are documented in his nine published books, which include: Oil and Islam – The Ticking Bomb (1990), Environomics – The Economics of Environmentally Safe Prosperity (1993), and Towards a Zero-Cost Economy – A Blueprint to Create General Economic Security in a Carefree Economy (2008).

The Iranian-born candidate gained national attention after he proposed creating a publicly owned bank. Khavari told the Iran Times, “The centerpiece of my economic plan is to create The Bank of the State of Florida. This will power the economy to create full-employment, prosperity and economic security for all Floridians. It will make Florida economically recession-proof.”

According to his plan, the bank would act as a depository for state funds but would also offer loans to Floridians at low interest rates. The plan also would allow the bank to open up frozen credit markets, save homeowners thousands of dollars in payments, produce major revenues for the state, and allow the state’s own debts to be refinanced at much lower rates. Khavari believes these benefits are possible because of the “fractional reserve” banking system used by all American banks when they make loans.

Khavari explained, “Using the fractional reserve regulations that govern all banks, we can earn billions per year for Florida’s treasury, while saving thousands of dollars per year for Florida homeowners. For $100 in deposits, a bank can create $900 in new money by making loans. So, the BSF [Bank of the State of Florida] can pay 6 percent for CDs, and make mortgage loans at 2 percent. For $6 per year in interest paid out, the BSF can earn $18 by lending $900 at 2 percent for mortgages. The BSF can be started at no cost to taxpayers, and we’ll be a permanent engine driving Florida’s economy. We can refinance state and local projects at 3 percent, saving taxpayers billions and balancing state and local budgets without higher taxes.

“The state would earn $15,000 per $100,000 of mortgage, at a cost of about $1,700, while the homeowner would save $88,000 in interest and pay for the home 15 years sooner,” Khavari said.

“Our bank will save people about seven years of their payments over the course of 30 years, just on interest costs. We should work to support ourselves and our families, not the banks. What we have now makes everyone work for a few greedy fat cats,” he said.

Khavari was born in Iran in 1943, but at the early age of two, his family moved to India where his father – a leader in the Baha’i community [second most widespread monotheist religion in the world founded in 1844] – had work. After two years in India, the family returned to Iran. Khavari later served two years in the Education Corps as a teacher in the village of Liavole Oliya in northern Iran, where he built the school.

Khavari later went on to study at the University of Hamburg and the University of Bremen in Germany, where he earned his doctorate in economics. Two years before the 1979 revolution, Khavari and his late wife, Louise, emigrated to the United States, settling in Miami in 1978. In December 1978, Louise died while under medical care. The following year, Khavari’s father was executed by the regime because his father refused to renounce his Baha’i faith, Khavari said.

He told the Iran Times he has not returned to his native Iran since June 1977. In 1985, Khavari married his current wife, Janilla, with whom he began a family. Armin was born in 1987 and Bianca in 1988. Khavari and his wife run a small business in Miami and have lived there for more than two decades.

Khavari’s website says: “I am the only candidate with a specific plan to fix Florida’s economy. I am not a politician, I’m an economist … Florida has huge economic potential, but what we have are huge economic problems. Wall Street, the banks, and the politicians have screwed it up royally this time. We can’t look to Wall Street, or the banks, or Washington, or our Florida politicians to solve these problems. Our Florida politicians helped create this mess, yet not one of them has a plan to fix it, only plans for how to get elected.”

He told the Iran Times, “I am getting everyday more and more attention locally, nationally and internationally. Our campaign is developing to a grassroots movement. In order for us to win the election and realize our economic plan, we must get our message to the average people in Florida. This requires plenty of small financial contributions as well as volunteers. Our campaign is built only on people power.”

The deadline for candidate filings is June 18, so Khavari won’t know for certain how many opponents he will have until then. Khavari’s campaign website is located at http://

Christie, FOX Punked By 'Prayer'

Apparently unaware that the so-called prayer for N.J. Governor Christie’s death was a joke circulating the Internet weeks ago, both Christie and FOX seem to be the victim of Internet spam. But it was a joke nonetheless.

That the ‘prayer’ was tailored to Gov. Christie by a teachers union is understandable, since the good governor wants the union to share in the cost of their health care benefits like everyone else. But to take it to the level that he is, and for FOX to be giving it the coverage that it is, is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

They both need to drop the death threat aspect of it and concentrate on the real issue which is the financial aspect of the labor union health care plan and its affect on the financial position of the State.

OK, given that we’re talking about New Jersey and labor unions, with the thoughts of the Soprano’s tooling around in SUV’s with tinted windows, it does become believable. That’s what makes it humorous. But it’s time to get real and not get worked up over Internet spam.

The version I saw had a different politician in it. But it’s still a joke.

Link: N.J. Governor Undeterred by Teachers Union Refusal to Fire Leader Who Prayed for His Death

Rep. Alan Grayson Wins 'Muzzle' Award

Outspoken Nutjob Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) topped the “Muzzle” awards on Tuesday, earning the dubious distinction for asking Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate a Web site that parodied his campaign site. This is the same guy that said on the House Floor that Republicans’ health care plan is for sick people to die quickly.

The annual award list, created by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, is presented on April 13, Jefferson’s birthday, to remind people of the third president’s unavowed commitment to free speech.

The center says the awards are handed out for “some of the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to the First Amendment right of free speech.”

Grayson earns this distinction . . .

For urging the U.S. Attorney General to seek a monetary fine and a 5 year prison sentence against a vocal critic for alleged violations of Federal Election law that, even if true, represent minor transgressions, a 2010 Jefferson Muzzle goes to… U.S. Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL).

In December, Alan Grayson (D-FL) won the M.R.I.O.T.D. award for the same offense.

link: Alan Grayson Can’t Handle Free Speech, MRIOTD winnerThe Thomas Jefferson Center Muzzle Awards 2010

Crash The Tea Parties

Is it a parody or is it how the Left reacts to free speech when the speech happens to come from people they don’t agree with? I report, you decide.

The history of Libs and free speech seems consistent with the latter. In this case, they are conspiring to impersonate tea partiers for the purposes of discrediting them and minimizing their effectiveness.

To be sure, the media will be looking for them to assist.

Here’s a screen shot of the website. Taking a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s book for radicals.

2010 Energy Policy Recap

A quick recap of the Obama administration’s energy policy. On the subject of energy, this administration is the party of NO.

Oil, no. Natural gas, no. Low sulfur coal, no. Nuclear, no. Solar, no. Wind, no. And biofuel as an industry is not only unsustainable in a free market, but is worse for the environment than fossil fuels and is causing food fights and starvation in the poorest parts of the world.

To be perfectly clear, Obama’s energy policy is to not get or use our own resources. And, to increase the cost of everything including the cost of living for every American in their commitment to ‘social justice’ and the redistribution of wealth, they have cap & trade (aka cap & tax) legislation that will impose taxes on all industries including, or especially, the energy industry. The administration’s shining jewel of economic ignorance here is that the people they purport to be helping will be the ones paying these taxes in the form of higher prices, higher electric bills, and higher fuel bills.

The latest stick in the green energy spokes is the newest controversy about the Nantucket Sound shoals being Indian burial grounds.  For ‘tribes’ that do not currently exist on federal records. No, can’t have a wind farm there. A creative, but just as effective, way to impede energy production as Bill Clinton’s making a 1.7 million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, placing off-limits the world’s largest deposit of low-sulfur coal.

It seems that the opposition, having run out of technical, environmental and economic arguments, has co-opted the local Wampanoag tribes to assert that their ancestors are — or might be — buried under what is now Nantucket Sound — this despite the fact that the area became a water feature long before Native Americans settled nearby.

In the next few weeks, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will make a momentous decision — the official, final, formal record of decision on permitting the nation’s first offshore wind farm, Cape Wind. And after eight years of obfuscation, dilatory tactics and sharp practice by a well-funded opposition group wielding political power quite out of congruity with its level of popular support, his decision will come not a day too soon.

This press release from the Department of the Interior suggests the direction the administration is leaning.

“America’s vast offshore wind resources offer exciting potential for our clean energy economy and for our nation’s efforts to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Secretary Salazar. “But as we begin to develop these resources, we must ensure that we are doing so in the right way and in the right places.

“The Keeper’s finding that Nantucket Sound is eligible for listing in the National Register (of Historic Places) provides information that will help us to undertake final consultations and analysis of potential impacts of wind development on historic and cultural resources in Nantucket Sound.

Having successfully overcome all other permitting and environmental studies over the last decade, will the imaginary Indian burial ground be the issue that stops green energy and green jobs?

This interview with the San Francisco Chronicle shows Obama’s real commitment to the coal industry.

Rush sums it up in a humorous way in this ‘morning update’ below.