Khavari Reacts To Crist SB-6 Veto

Khavari congratulates Crist on SB-6 veto

Miami, FL April 15 – Noted economist and Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate today congratulated Florida Governor Charlie Crist on his veto of SB-6.

“I know it was a tough decision,” Khavari said, “and I am pleased that Governor Crist did the right thing, despite heavy pressure from Republicans in the Legislature. I am speaking as a parent and an American, not as a Democrat or Republican.”

Referring to the controversial bill, Khavari added, “SB-6 was tossed together and passed in the dead of night. It was political posturing rather than a constructive change. We all agree that teacher evaluation is an important component of improving education, but it is not the whole answer.

“We need more input from teachers and less input from legislators if we are going to find the right solution. We also need to evaluate student performance in terms of the home environment and parental involvement.  Where student performance is worse, we need better, more motivated teachers. Let’s look for carrots rather than sticks.”

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a respected economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His Economic Plan for Florida is at

Tea Party Media Coverage

This isn’t what you think it is. This isn’t about FOX reporting on the Tea Parties and the rest of the media all but ignoring them. Or when they’re not being ignored, they’re being denigrated and called inflammatory names. That’s too easy.

Tonight I sampled a lefty talk radio host named Mike Malloy to see what he was talking about. A listener, imagine for a moment that these people actually vote, but a listener emailed him to ask why the Tea Party coverage is so out of sync, in their opinion, with other demonstrations and causes.

According to Mike Malloy, it’s because these ‘baggers’ protesting the Obama administration ‘have a potential for extreme violence’ and are all armed and dangerous, and just waiting to blow your head off. That, and they’re all morons. And the protests against Buch/Cheney were all peaceful.  What?

It was harder for me to record this than it will be for you to listen to this three minute extravaganza. But I’m happy to make that sacrifice for you. The sound quality actually matches the content, but it is a little hard to listen to for a number of reasons.

Mike Malloy opines on TV coverage of the Tea Parties.

Next time you hear those on the left accusing people like Rush Limbaugh of perpetrating ‘hate radio,’ think of Mike Malloy. Malloy is more rabid than the Ring of Fire folks, and who ever thought that to be possible?