Christie, FOX Punked By 'Prayer'

Apparently unaware that the so-called prayer for N.J. Governor Christie’s death was a joke circulating the Internet weeks ago, both Christie and FOX seem to be the victim of Internet spam. But it was a joke nonetheless.

That the ‘prayer’ was tailored to Gov. Christie by a teachers union is understandable, since the good governor wants the union to share in the cost of their health care benefits like everyone else. But to take it to the level that he is, and for FOX to be giving it the coverage that it is, is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

They both need to drop the death threat aspect of it and concentrate on the real issue which is the financial aspect of the labor union health care plan and its affect on the financial position of the State.

OK, given that we’re talking about New Jersey and labor unions, with the thoughts of the Soprano’s tooling around in SUV’s with tinted windows, it does become believable. That’s what makes it humorous. But it’s time to get real and not get worked up over Internet spam.

The version I saw had a different politician in it. But it’s still a joke.

Link: N.J. Governor Undeterred by Teachers Union Refusal to Fire Leader Who Prayed for His Death