Khavari Brings Message To Gulf Breeze Democrats

On Saturday April 17th, Dr. Farid Khavari, Democratic candidate for Governor of the State of Florida, brought his message to the Fourth Annual Luau Gala in Gulf Breeze presented by the Santa Rosa County Democrats.

There were about 50-60 people there who took in some Hawaiian music and dance, some good BBQ from Billy Bob’s, and the reason they all came, to hear from the candidates.

The lack of any local news media was disappointing. What you don’t know can hurt you. The print and broadcast media did you no public service in this vital election cycle by not telling you about the candidates that came to speak. They ranged from local school board, U.S. House and Senate seats, and Florida Governor.

But there is a bigger problem with the Democratic Party of Florida that spells bad news for Floridians. Which is, they have already given millions of campaign cash to their anointed candidate, Alex Sink, before the primary process is over. The party leadership and the Sink campaign are not interested in the Democratic process. They made up their minds on who they want to see in Tallahassee months ago. Additionally, they run from any opportunity to sponsor a debate between the two top and credible Democratic candidates, Sink and Khavari. In fact, they won’t have them in the same room together. Don’t forfeit your right to an open and fair primary process. Tell party Chair Karen Thurman and Executive Director Scott Arceneaux that you want a public debate between Alex Sink and Farid Khavari. Floridians have a right to know just who has a plan for them, and who has smoke and mirrors.  Their phone and FAX numbers are Phone:850.222.3411, Fax: 850.222.0916

Besides having a real economic plan for Florida to stimulate the economy and create jobs without deficit spending, something the others do not have, Khavari demonstrated how his message appeals to all Floridians; Democrat, Republican, and Others. His policies are more about helping Floridians instead of special interests. He does bring people together for the good of the State of Florida, breaking through the political party walls that we’ve become used to, if not tired of.

He recounted his appearance at an April 15th Tea Party in Punta Gorda, FL as an invited speaker. First of all, how many Democrat candidates have you ever seen speaking to an audience of Tea Partiers? What is different about Khavari, aside from his message, is that the courage it takes to speak at a Tea Party comes from the strength of his conviction that his platform is for all Floridians, not just Democrats or Republicans, and his concern for the people of the State of Florida.  Khavari said “First, it was very hostile, but later I was very welcome after I spoke.”

This video needs a disclaimer. It is my first one and I see it begs for the use of a tripod. OK, next time.

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2 thoughts on “Khavari Brings Message To Gulf Breeze Democrats”

  1. Dr. Khavari is the only candidate I know of in Florida that has actual solutions to our problems. I’m a big fan of Ellen Brown’s book “Web of Debt” and in that book, she clearly lays out how all of our current problems can be resolved with just a few changes to our current banking system. I wish Dr. Khavari the best of luck although I wish he was running as an independent. Alex Sink is not the best Florida can do and will only continue the failed policies of the past. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m tired of being betrayed by my party and have switched to independent.

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