Democrats Alternative Energy Policy?

Becoming energy independent and developing and employing alternative energy sources like wind and solar are, in fact, something that Democrats and Republicans alike are in favor of. Well, except for these Democrats. Is this Democrats Energy Policy in action?

Like I’ve been saying, a Democrat energy policy is not to get any energy and, not to use what you have. It has been reduced down to the NIMBY principle of this unprincipled bunch.

On wind power, the Kennedys, especially Sen. Ted Kennedy, won’t have anything to do with the Cape Wind project, where a real wind farm there can make a difference. But they are concerned about their oceanfront view. Which I don’t think would be visible from The Kennedy Compound.

On wind and solar power, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in Congress on Monday (12/21/09) to protect a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California by scuttling some 13 big solar plants and wind farms planned for the region. Let’s call it the Mojave Desert monument. Oh those pesky environmentalists. Here’s your bone.

DiFi learned from the best. President Bill Clinton shut down the entire domestic low-sulfur coal industry by making that part of Utah a federal park where no mining activity takes place. Where Clinton is concerned, there is a lot more involved. But, the end result is the same. Don’t use it. You may remember some mention of things like the Communist Chinese making illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton campaign, and the Lippo Group. {background: besides Utah, the only other place in the world that has low-sulfur coal is under Communist China control and the Lippo Group.}

So imagine that. Democrats don’t want solar panels or wind farms in the desert where there is lots of sun and wind. And they don’t want wind farms where there are coastal winds. Maybe it’s OK as long as it isn’t in their area? And don’t even think of using any more coal. Who cares if coal produces about half of our electrical energy? We can always buy it from China.

Seems to me that this is an issue that Democrats could brag about working with ‘the other side’ by seeking bi-partisan support for one of the goals we (D’s and R’s) have set for ourselves. What is odd (not really), is that it is members of their own party who need to be told to get on board, not Republicans.

Of course, the action of two senators and a president couldn’t be the definition of the party’s energy policy. That would be making a political leap. Political dynasties in their own right aside.

The story on whether the Feinsteins or the Kennedys shape the Party’s energy policy will be told by how the party handles it. Or not.

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