How Do They Do That?

How does the Democrat plan to run the health insurance and health care industries cover 30-40 million more people and reduce the deficit by $132 billion? The short answer is it doesn’t do that in and of itself.

I’m reminded of a saying that I first heard in statistics class. Figures lie, and lairs figure. According to the CBO, it does it by over $1 trillion in Medicare cuts and tax increases. That’s how. It cannot do it without enslaving the economy and the people with a government-run plan. That is, presuming the American people will want to be enslaved in that way.

If that’s not a prescription for economic disaster and the destruction of the best health care system (as bad as it is) in the world, I don’t know what is. The only success story here is that the government will be taking the giant leap in remaking America into the socialist/Marxist model that the Obama administration so worships. Hip Hip, Ho-ray! Or is it Ho-Ho-Ho?

link: Merry Christmas, from Harry

Dems Clinch Deal Among Dems

In what can only be called a bi-partisan victory for Obamacare, Democrats on Saturday managed to get the 60 votes needed by bridging the gap between the far Left of their party and those giving the impression that they’re not part of the far Left of their party. So by the administration’s definition, they can claim bi-partisan support.

Not letting a crisis go to waste, whether real or imagined, Democrats can take pride in their success for a seismic piece of legislation that did not appeal to a single Republican or a majority of Americans.

NYT link: Democrats Clinch Deal for Deciding Vote on Health Bill