Today’s Special, Lies And Deception

The Obama administration is scrambling to get something, anything, passed that they can call health care reform. But it’s not because your health is so lousy and you’re going to die. According to surveys, most Americans, somewhere over 80% of them, are satisfied with their health care and health insurance situation. The emergency seems to be in the mind of the President to get something passed, else he’ll lose face with his rhetoric of the last year and a half.

Today, President Obama just had a pow-wow with Democratic senators and the two Independents to try and convince them to vote for this debacle of a health care bill. Today the President said that Americans want more affordable health care that will reduce the deficit. And he’s right. We do. Problem is, the bill in Congress won’t do either.

The irony is that he vowed not to vote for a bill that wouldn’t reduce cost and reduce the debt. He’ll sign it if it gets to his desk, through lies and deception, with help from lazy if not uninformed constituents still awestruck by the man who reads a great teleprompter, all with help from a media willing to let it all go unchallenged.

Paramount in this health care bill is the power and control that shifts from the folks to the government. That’s the goal. Not our collective health.

Another example is the way the President proposes to deal with the economy. Rather than the people making their own choices with their own money through reducing taxes and providing tax incentives for businesses to expand and hire, the President does just the opposite. Not only that, but HE is picking the winners and losers. HE as in the government. The government takes over industries and companies left and right. The government chooses to sell cars (and payback the UAW), so they have a cash for clunkers program that was an utter failure and had no long term effect on either the economy or the industry. Now, HE decides that manufacturers of caulking compound need an economic boost, not THE FOLKS in general, just these people. See the pattern here? Does Obama look anything like a little dictator? So the point of picking the Cash for Caulkers program is for the green-ness of it. It won’t help or stimulate the folks or the economy. Like putting air in your tires, it’s a good idea providing they are under-inflated, but it won’t do squat to make our economy recover, which ought to be his number one priority. Caulking a leaking window seal is a good idea, but if you don’t have a job or are working two jobs already to keep from losing your home, you’re not going to have money to spend on house maintenance, presuming you have a leaky house to begin with. And if you did, it won’t do anything for your job security.

Doing projects like that should come after we realize some economic recovery in the old fashioned free-market driven way. Not because we have a President who likes to act like a King who tells the people what he wants them to do.

President Obama, who has never run a business or made a payroll, says the ‘fat cats’ don’t get it. It’s Obama that doesn’t get it. Well, I’ll have to sort of take that back. What he does get is that socialism, and economic social justice works better for him. Because all that he has done and wants to do, will do only that. He said he didn’t like the Constitution. From what he is doing to America, it is obvious. He will remake America, to be just like Europe, and worse. His economic plan for America is a model for the global scale with his Cap & Trade scheme.  More social justice, only for the world. And of course, current and future generations of Americans will pay for that too, if he gets his way.

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