When Scientists Get Political

Weeks after climate-gate breaks the man-made global warming farce, or from their perspective, the man-made global thermostat adjustment plan, the focus turns to Copenhagen. All this as the Marxists of the world see their last best chance to cripple capitalist societies (mainly the United States of America) about to come tumbling down around them.

Delegates converged Sunday for the grand finale of two years of tough, sometimes bitter negotiations on a climate change treaty, as U.N. officials calculated that pledges offered in the last few weeks to reduce greenhouse gases put the world within reach of keeping global warming under control.
. . .
despite unprecedented unity and concessions, industrial countries and emerging nations need to dig deeper. “Time is up,” de Boer said. “Over the next two weeks governments have to deliver.”

Translation, all the non-industrialized countries are doing fine in their pledge to reduce emissions, now all the UN needs is hundreds of billions of dollars out of the rest of us.

Other highlights of the upcoming conference are . . .

Some were arriving to the summit on trains splashed with a green stripe to symbolize efforts to reduce the convention’s carbon footprint. One train carried 450 U.N. officials, delegates, climate activists and journalists from Brussels and more trains were leaving from other European capitals.

Environmentalists have warned that emissions commitments were dangerously short of what U.N. scientists have said were needed to keep average temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees C (3.6F).      {emphasis added}

It’s not just a matter of the scientists getting political or being influenced by this environmental movement. It’s that the genesis behind the so-called environmental movement as pertains to ‘man-made,’ and ostensibly man-correctable, ‘global warming’ is the anti-capitalist Marxists left over from the Cold War. Well, that other people that think that, for the right price, they can lower sea level and global temperature.

Things like that are best left to the Almighty. And I don’t mean Barack Obama.

I think the person who obtained and leaked those emails should get the Nobel Peace Prize for Science next year for all the lives he will have saved by stopping this global transfer of wealth from happening.

If the peoples’ welfare were their paramount motivation, then they would be calling for the spreading of freedom around the world, replacing the despots and dictators that feed off of their people.

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