Second Amendment Still Law, Barely

The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Second Amendment of the Constitution today, deciding that the right to legally keep and bear arms extends to all citizens in all states. That’s the good news.

But the fact that it’s a 5-4 vote is a bit un-nerving. Because if this court were actually following the Constitution the vote should have been nine to nothing. It should have been unanimous.

The opinion’s of the justices begin on the following pages in the decision:

  • Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, concurring, p7
  • Scalia, concurring, p52
  • Thomas, concurring, p67
  • Stevens, dissenting, p123
  • Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, dissenting, p180

Link: Justices extend gun owner rights nationwideThe Supreme Court Decision (pdf)

Societal Devolution And Illegal Aliens

Maywood California, a Los Angeles area municipality that used to be a thriving city, is now broke and laying off all its city employees. And it is all because of the ‘migration’ of people who come to this country to use America instead of be American.

Boasting a population that is 97% Hispanic, more than half foreign born, and 40% illegal, the Los Angeles County, Calif., incorporated city of Maywood has achieved the Reconquista goal. It is now as lawless and chaotic as any place in Mexico. Maywood is a warning to every city and town in America.

This phenomenon is a cancer on society and there’s nothing ‘American’ about it. Is there a ‘Maywood cancer’ in your state?

Link: Welcome to Maywood, Mexico by Roger Hedgecock

The Left’s Race Card Falls Flat In South Carolina

Ever since the ascension of conservative values began with the Tea Party movement over a year ago, Progressives, Liberals, and Jimmy Carter have been content in dismissing the entire movement as being comprised of angry racists.

Yesterday, and in South Carolina no less, Tim Scott a black Republican, and Nikki Haley, born of Indian immigrants, both won their nominations in the Republican primary and both were endorsed by Sarah Palin and other Tea Party advocates.

Black Republican Wins In South Carolina

Voters in South Carolina nominated a black Republican lawmaker for an open congressional seat Tuesday, rejecting a legendary political name and adding diversity to the national party.

State Rep. Tim Scott defeated Paul Thurmond, an attorney who is son of the one-time segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond. Scott, who won the runoff with 69 percent of the vote, is now poised to become the nation’s first black GOP congressman since Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

I like how Obama has inspired black politicians to run for office, as Republicans.

After eighteen months of a Obama administration, Americans are beginning to realize that Obama hasn’t a clue on how to fulfill his campaign promises, and then some. And the other good news is, thanks to candidates like Tim Scott, Republicans only need to look to Tim Scott to see what it takes to win. Legislating like a Democrat-lite for the last six years is a losing proposition. Sticking to conservative principles is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the best way to govern.

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Useful Idiots And Fundamental Change

Transformational change is happening before our eyes. What began as a country governed by the rule of law is morphing into a country governed by men. We all need to be reminded of the words of philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  From Thomas  Sowell’s latest article entitled Degeneration of Democracy . . .

A democracy needs informed citizens if it is to thrive, or ultimately even survive. In our times, American democracy is being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and few people seem to be concerned about it.

Those who cannot see beyond the immediate events to the issues of arbitrary power— versus the rule of law and the preservation of freedom— are the “useful idiots” of our time. But useful to whom?

Let me qualify Mr. Sowell’s statement  ‘few people seem to be concerned about it.’ Few people in power and the so-called media watchdog don’t seem to be concerned about it.

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Obama Can’t Make Hard Choices, Demonizes GOP

Here we go again. The community organizer in chief, who has to form a committee to tell him when he is spending money he doesn’t have, is at it again. This time, just like the last time, using his bully pulpit to poo poo the GOP for his inability to stick to the PAYGO legislation that congress passed last year.

And this time, just like the last time, Republicans are saying fine, if you feel a need to put up a spending bill to extend unemployment benefits, or for anything else for that matter, then cut some other spending initiative(s) by an equal amount to cover it. Follow the law you created.

“If this obstruction continues, unemployed Americans will see their benefits stop,” Obama said. “Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs. Families will pay more for their first home. All we ask for is a simple up or down vote. That’s what the American people deserve.”

The broad economic bill failed Thursday when Democrats could not muster the 60 votes needed to end debate. The 56-40 vote fell four shy of the total required to break the GOP filibuster. Republicans support many of the policies in the legislation but are demanding changes to shrink its toll on the deficit.

By now, it should be obvious to everyone that the PAYGO legislation was just a sham. That Obama and his Democratic leaders had no intention, let alone the will or the guts, on cutting anything. Which was why the 111th congress added an ’emergency exemption’ to PAYGO. The plan is to declare everything an emergency, bypassing the PAYGO law, and continue borrowing, increasing the debt, and spending away the liberty and opportunity of future generations of Americans.

How’s that hope and change working for you now?

Link: Obama says GOP making life harder for the jobless – Yahoo! Finance.

Star Parker Gets Palin Endorsement

Excellent choice for California’s 37th Congressional District. Her list of endorsements from conservatives is impressive as well.

I like how Obama has inspired black politicians to run for office, as Republicans.

There’s a lesson here for wishy-washy Republicans. Get a spine, stand on conservative principles. All the time and in all cases.

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), please take note.

Link: Palin endorses Star Parker for Congress

Dems Concerned About Voting Integrity?

Here’s one for the political pundits out there to digest. Alvin Greene, a 32-year-old unknown who lives with his father and waged no visible campaign, beat a former state lawmaker, Victor Rawl, who did campaign.

What’s funny about Green’s victory is that he had raised no money, ran no ads, and has no website. And he beat out Rawl with a 59 to 41 percent tally.

Now for the first time in history, a Democrat is concerned with integrity in the voting process.

“This is not about me,” Rawl said. “It is not about blacks. It is not about whites. It’s about the sanctity of our electoral process.”

Link: SC Dems uphold US Senate primary shocker

Punishment Rendered At The Border

A 15 yr old Mexican citizen was shot and killed by a US Border Control agent. The kid was part of a group of known human traffickers who were also throwing rocks at the Border Control agents.

Mexico is all up in arms that this kid’s civil rights were violated. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the open-border administration are opening an investigation. Mexican President Felipe Calderon called for a thorough U.S. investigation that “clears up the facts and culminates with punishing those responsible.”

Right. It’s already been handled Mr. Calderon. The person responsible died. Punishment was rendered. Rock throwing is considered deadly force. The officer did his job superbly. Perhaps President Calderon needs an English translation for the purpose of an international border?

Link: FBI opens civil rights probe into border shooting

Khavari To Run As An Independent

Khavari to Run for Governor as an Independent

Miami, FL June 15 – Economist Farid Khavari announced today that he has withdrawn from the August Democratic primary and will run for governor as an independent in November.

Khavari’s Economic Plan for Florida has received national attention and gubernatorial candidates in at least five other states have adopted parts of the plan for their campaigns. In prepared remarks, Dr. Khavari said:

“A governor should not serve party bosses, banks, insurance companies or other special interests. A governor must be above party politics. He or she must represent all of the people of Florida.”

“I sincerely seek the support of all Floridians who care about our future, whatever their party affiliation.”

“Republican and Democratic party leaders long ago chose their candidates for governor, and put millions of dollars behind those candidates, without any input from the people. As a result, the presumptive candidates of the two major parties are just like Tweedledee and Tweedledum.” If you throw in Buddy Chiles — an unaccomplished candidate running on his father’s legacy — we might describe the current field as a choice between Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. Voters can decide which one is which.

“If these are our only choices, then the banks, insurance companies and other special interests win, and Florida loses.” Voters in both parties are disgusted, and who can blame them? Ask yourself where those millions in campaign funds came from!

“Now Democrats and Republicans, and everyone else, have a real choice.”

“I’m an economist, not a politician. I have an Economic Plan to create over one million new jobs in Florida, without subsidies or “stimulus” money. These jobs will create more jobs automatically. We will create a bank owned by all the people of Florida. This bank can earn billions for the state while slashing interest costs for state and local governments—and for every citizen of Florida. Our 2% 15-year mortgages will create a thousand times more jobs than any so-called stimulus plan, while stabilizing Florida’s housing market at fair prices. Low interest-rate credit cards will earn billions for our state treasury, while saving average Florida families billions per month. This money will stay in Florida to drive our economy, not to serve Wall Street.”

“With over 1.4 million unemployed Floridians, and almost a million foreclosures, we can’t afford crony politics any more.”

“Unencumbered by partisan politics, my candidacy offers Floridians a real choice: a healthy economy, a million new jobs, a stabilized housing market, and unparalleled prosperity. Or you can limit your choices to the two major-party candidates and we can lose another million jobs and another million families can lose their homes.”

“I look forward to winning the support of all Floridians who want a bright future for our state.”

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a respected economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His Economic Plan for Florida is at