Obama Raising Ire Of GOP?

In his usual cynical community-organizer kind of way, President Obama echoed the talking points from the George Soros wing of the Democratic party. Responding to criticism of his handling of the largest oil leak in the country’s history, from even the legacy media now, President Obama quipped that if he stepped up and took charge, or gave the appearance of taking charge, that he might raise the ire of the GOP.

The line from Progressives/Liberals, in order to not have to respond to the criticism, is to simply say that Republicans are being hypocritical in denouncing government control on one hand and criticizing the administration for not taking control of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the other.

It is a cute talking point for the lemmings, but does not hold up to an honest examination of the facts.

The federal government’s only responsibility is to preserve and protect this country, it’s people, and its constitution. That’s why Haley Barbour (R-MS), Rick Perry (R-TX), and Bobby Jindal (R-LA) expect the government to step up. This is a national disaster after all.

This is a case where the federal government ought to be taking actions to remedy. Not by pointing blame and sending in lawyers. Not by photo ops on Pensacola beach. Not by delaying approval for Gov. Jindal (R-LA) to actually DO something to help protect his state. And  not by demonizing a company that supports the  livelihood, pension and retirement plans of thousands of Americans and a large percentage of Brits. Not by refusing help from other countries and business entities around the world.

The president’s inaction is indicative of a person with no executive experience who is in way over his head. Lucky (?) for him though, his inaction does allow more damage to be done and more cat calls from the peanut gallery to advance his Cap and Trade agenda.

Rahm Emanual’s Rule 1

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.”

What they don’t want? the federal government to do is to tell everyone how to run their lives, what kind of car to make, where to go for health insurance, and forcing you to buy some (or face a penalty). Let’s see, run automobile companies, nationalizing private sector businesses and industries, dictating how much pay a company can pay their executives. You know, all the stuff that the the government is doing that it has no authority to do.

See the difference?