Second Amendment Still Law, Barely

The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Second Amendment of the Constitution today, deciding that the right to legally keep and bear arms extends to all citizens in all states. That’s the good news.

But the fact that it’s a 5-4 vote is a bit un-nerving. Because if this court were actually following the Constitution the vote should have been nine to nothing. It should have been unanimous.

The opinion’s of the justices begin on the following pages in the decision:

  • Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, concurring, p7
  • Scalia, concurring, p52
  • Thomas, concurring, p67
  • Stevens, dissenting, p123
  • Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, dissenting, p180

Link: Justices extend gun owner rights nationwideThe Supreme Court Decision (pdf)