Star Parker Gets Palin Endorsement

Excellent choice for California’s 37th Congressional District. Her list of endorsements from conservatives is impressive as well.

I like how Obama has inspired black politicians to run for office, as Republicans.

There’s a lesson here for wishy-washy Republicans. Get a spine, stand on conservative principles. All the time and in all cases.

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), please take note.

Link: Palin endorses Star Parker for Congress

Dems Concerned About Voting Integrity?

Here’s one for the political pundits out there to digest. Alvin Greene, a 32-year-old unknown who lives with his father and waged no visible campaign, beat a former state lawmaker, Victor Rawl, who did campaign.

What’s funny about Green’s victory is that he had raised no money, ran no ads, and has no website. And he beat out Rawl with a 59 to 41 percent tally.

Now for the first time in history, a Democrat is concerned with integrity in the voting process.

“This is not about me,” Rawl said. “It is not about blacks. It is not about whites. It’s about the sanctity of our electoral process.”

Link: SC Dems uphold US Senate primary shocker

Punishment Rendered At The Border

A 15 yr old Mexican citizen was shot and killed by a US Border Control agent. The kid was part of a group of known human traffickers who were also throwing rocks at the Border Control agents.

Mexico is all up in arms that this kid’s civil rights were violated. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the open-border administration are opening an investigation. Mexican President Felipe Calderon called for a thorough U.S. investigation that “clears up the facts and culminates with punishing those responsible.”

Right. It’s already been handled Mr. Calderon. The person responsible died. Punishment was rendered. Rock throwing is considered deadly force. The officer did his job superbly. Perhaps President Calderon needs an English translation for the purpose of an international border?

Link: FBI opens civil rights probe into border shooting