Obama Can’t Make Hard Choices, Demonizes GOP

Here we go again. The community organizer in chief, who has to form a committee to tell him when he is spending money he doesn’t have, is at it again. This time, just like the last time, using his bully pulpit to poo poo the GOP for his inability to stick to the PAYGO legislation that congress passed last year.

And this time, just like the last time, Republicans are saying fine, if you feel a need to put up a spending bill to extend unemployment benefits, or for anything else for that matter, then cut some other spending initiative(s) by an equal amount to cover it. Follow the law you created.

“If this obstruction continues, unemployed Americans will see their benefits stop,” Obama said. “Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs. Families will pay more for their first home. All we ask for is a simple up or down vote. That’s what the American people deserve.”

The broad economic bill failed Thursday when Democrats could not muster the 60 votes needed to end debate. The 56-40 vote fell four shy of the total required to break the GOP filibuster. Republicans support many of the policies in the legislation but are demanding changes to shrink its toll on the deficit.

By now, it should be obvious to everyone that the PAYGO legislation was just a sham. That Obama and his Democratic leaders had no intention, let alone the will or the guts, on cutting anything. Which was why the 111th congress added an ’emergency exemption’ to PAYGO. The plan is to declare everything an emergency, bypassing the PAYGO law, and continue borrowing, increasing the debt, and spending away the liberty and opportunity of future generations of Americans.

How’s that hope and change working for you now?

Link: Obama says GOP making life harder for the jobless – Yahoo! Finance.