Gov. Chris Christy, Honest And Refreshing

In case you missed it, this two minute twenty-five second video is the conservative that replaced years of Democrat control and subsequent debt in New Jersey.

And the funny part is the backwash. The Newark Star Ledger is claiming copyrights to this video. Since those where Gov. Christie’s words and not those of the reporter that got an answer he didn’t expect, to claim so just shows how thin-skinned the liberal media is.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Chris Christy, Honest And Refreshing”

  1. Yeah, and the looks on the staffer standing in the background is priceless too! He’s practically beside himself, obviously knowing what this reporter was going to get.

    In this clip, I’m reminded of how a ‘hero’ of the Left behaves when in a similar setting. Not because they’re the same, but rather 180 degrees apart.

    Alan Grayson (D-FL) is juvenile with his name-calling, bullying, and ridiculous comments. Christie can hand you your head on a platter and still maintain dignity and respect.

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