Air America: Homophobic Huckabee?

Post Iowa caucus analysis by Air America’s Senior Political Correspondent David Bender and Mike Papantonio, co-host of Ring of Fire, an Air America radio program, on Huckabee’s performance in Iowa and beyond. In their opinion, his plus is he is against big business (like BIG LAW?) and carries a ‘populist’ message. Their vehement dislike for successful (BIG) business is obvious. Oh, but the downside is he’s a homophobe, that that’s what we’ll get if he becomes President.

Coming from two educated people, well, a reporter and a lawyer. The offending bit of liberal smearness begins around 9 minutes into the 12 minute video. Calling someone you fear or oppose something like a homophobe does illustrate perfectly the far left’s moral and intellectual base. That is why I hope Air America stays on the air. You need to hear them, if only for a couple minutes. The network does have my sympathy. They’re finding out how hard it is to find a sponsor willing to tolerate that kind of stuff, and, a public that wants to hear it. You can count on these guys to bring it to you. Investors welcome, but be forewarned, they already want the Fairness Doctrine revived.

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Pundit Predicts State of the Union, And Hillary’s Presidency

Well, a pundit as far as the ‘letters to the editor‘ go. In the Pensacola News Journal today, a regular LTE writer, Noah H. Belew, gives his prequel to the President’s upcoming State of the Union message in his letter Made 2007 worse.’ For starters . . .

The president will not tell the truth when he gives the State of the Union to Congress later this month. He’s never been honest with Congress and the American people. The majority of Americans don’t feel as safe today as they were before Bush invaded Iraq.

I replied to him there, noting that his frustration is typical, if not symptomatic of the political psyche of the left, then responded thusly.

“The majority of Americans don’t feel as safe today as they were before Bush invaded Iraq.”

The reason for this feeling is that war has been declared on us, 3000 of us were killed in this country by the enemy, al Qaeda. But, the majority of Americans also feel alive today because of Bush and our courageous military personnel.

“Any one of the presidential candidates would be better than George W. Bush. We know our nation will continue to slide downward during 2008.”

Bush isn’t running this time. What we’re left with is cut and run candidates in the democrat party, and one cut and run republican candidate. Four years of continuous job growth, unemployment is still at virtual ‘full employment’ levels, and a still growing economy, the federal budget deficit is at 1.2%, well below a 40 year average, even after Katrina and other natural disasters we’ve suffered, including the cost of fighting this war, and the poor are getting richer, makes me wonder what playground Mr. Belew is playing in on his ‘downward’ slide. It must be the same one John Edwards is playing in. Taking all this into account, what will Democrats in Congress do to “fix” that?

“I predict that after Hillary Clinton is elected Madam President, and Democrats are an elected majority in Congress, they will: . . .”

Half the country doesn’t like Sen. Clinton, the other half can’t stand her. Somehow I just can’t see here being elected. Last I checked, Democrats have been in the majority for the last 12 months. Noticed any improvement? They’ve got ‘creating investigations’ down pat.

“• Increase the personnel in our armed forces 35 percent. A draft is unpopular, but it may be necessary to achieve it.”

If Hillary is Commander in Chief, there would have to be a draft just to keep the military at its current size, let alone increase it by 35%. Patriots, who would place themselves in harms way would not volunteer to be led by someone who is guided by polls and focus groups. Our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers know what is worth fighting for, and keeping Hillary in office isn’t one of them.