NewsBusted TV, Episode 129

NewsBusted TV is back after a few weeks off for the holidays. NewsBusted TV is a webcast on news of the day with a comedic slant as seen from the political Right. Among the topics in this episode is Huckabee v. Romney and Hillary’s like-ability.


Hillary, Polls and Lessons Learned?

Today’s New Hampshire primary election was newsworthy and educational. Imagine a presidential candidate getting a bump for coming across as ‘being human.’ You don’t need the writers guild to take that thought somewhere. Some thought Hillary’s emotional moment to be the ‘Howard Dean scream’ equivalent, however, at least for now, it turned out to be good for her. According to everyone in the media, that was a warm and fuzzy moment, not a breakdown, and it showed she is human. That’s the same thing Terry McAuliffe, among the Clintons’ closest advisers, is also saying. So everyone agrees that portraying Sen. Clinton as being human is something that was needed, and helpful.

Can we stop paying attention to POLLS? 12 hours ago, Clinton people were lowering expectations, calling less than a 10 point loss would still be good. But that’s always the story. When you win you win, and when you lose you win. Turns out she won by 3 percent. Ostensibly a 13 percent reversal. I remember the good old days when these primaries got no more media coverage than reporting who won this one and who won that one. Period. Today, it is the only news for 24/7, and it’s only January. I’m beginning to miss car chases on TV, Britney Spears, and the latest on Anna Nichole Smith.

So what did Sen. Hillary Clinton, the most experienced candidate on the planet, with a 35 year record of change and experience, have to say about her victory in New Hampshire? You will be glad to know that just last week she found her own voice. She said . . .

“Over the last week, I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice”

That’s a start.

Washington Post: N.Y. Senator Defies Polls, Edges Obama