Roy Jones Jr. Retires Felix Trinidad

Good for Roy Jones, Jr. Pensacola’s own RJJ has good reason to be happy. Well, aside from the $3 million purse. Roy showed everyone again what the best fighter “pound for pound” looks like. 

It was a performance that reminded when Jones was declared the best “pound-for-pound” fighter in the world. The Pensacola resident, a Washington High graduate, flashed his speed, quick-strike ability and devastating power punches to fell Trinidad, 35, who had once ascended to the mantle of his weight division before retiring three years ago.

Shown here is one of two knockdowns that Roy gave Trinidad.

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Huckabee To Pick Up Black Endorsement

This will be good news for the Huckabee campaign. Rev. Bill Owens, founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors, is expected to be endorsing Mike Huckabee’s run for president tomorrow, the official observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

In an interview with an AP reporter yesterday, Rev. Owens said this about Huckabee . . .

He has actually done what he talks about when it comes to the African-American community, rather than just pandering.

His observation of Huckabee (R-AR) walking the walk really matters to what families in communities are hoping for.

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