Iran Gives Green Light To Fire, The Soros Wing Of The Party

That’s one way to look at it. Speaking of the Iranian Navy provocation in the Hormuz Strait last Sunday. According to the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad version, the video of it is a fake. As long as he believes that it is a fake, American propaganda, then he wouldn’t mind the next time it happens and they get blown out of the water. If it isn’t his Navy, it must be ours. And don’t you think Ahmadinejad would like to see that?

Just kick ass. No names left to take. Thanks for your support Mahmoud.

And the motive for such a fake would be what? Well, according to Robert Fantina, an American who moved to Canada after the 2004 election, it could be what the Iranian media suggests, a show designed to be an excuse to invade Iran. What are Robert Fantina’s credentials you ask? They are:Robert Fantina, fled U.S. in 2004

Robert Fantina is a long-time activist for peace and social justice. Originally involved in the Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign in 2004, he eventually worked as a district organizer through on the Kerry campaign in Florida.

To him, history repeats itself. “The similarities to the Gulf of Tonkin incident are alarming,” he says.

As an aside, or, as an added bonus, there is another story in this story. When I write about ‘the George Soros wing’ of the Democrat party, Robert Fantina’s credentials says it better than I have ever said. It’s not those neocons talking trash about the Democrat party. It is more like revealing the people behind the party.