Enough Is Enough Weekend, Jan 12

If you’ve ever thought enough is enough about something, don’t worry, you’re in great company. This weekend is Enough is Enough weekend, brainchild of Rev. Delman Coates. The issue of music and videos degrading blacks in every way imaginable, among them doing or selling drugs, violence and other illegal activity , and the over sexation (is that a word?) and exploitation of the black woman. The BET awards this Saturday night, Jan 12, 2007, in Washington D.C., 7p.m. at the Warner Theater is the perfect place to exercise a little freedom and join the Enough is Enough Campaign. Rev. Coates, in his own words . . .


If you’ll be in Washington DC or New York City over the weekend, then you can join in the protest. Matter of fact, any weekend will do but this weekend also is the BET awards in Washington. “What’s the depth of your love, what’s the quality of your service to black folk” says Tavis Smiley, in speaking on the subject of the harmful material focused on blacks and the black community and how to combat it. It’s more than just that, here is Tavis Smiley in his own words in this clip from the 11/08/07 Tom Joyner Morning Show.

h/t: La Shawn Barber