Lunch Counter Discussion Grand Opening

I am pleased to announce that The Lunch Counter now has a discussion forum area made for current technology. It’s called Lunch Counter Discussion. It has RSS capabilities built-in to monitor a topic or the whole forum. The bbPress software is far superior in so many ways, not the least of which is effective spam protection, to the old technology forum software it replaces.

The Lunch Counter Discussion is open for bidness. Although, the forum is not a business and there are no ads. This is the place for you to opine and carry on a discussion on a topic of your choosing and where others can respond. It could be fun or boring. That’s up to you. But it is a great platform (no pun intended) to run on. Same rules on net etiquette apply there as here.

And rest assured, if you want to be anonymous, you will be.

link: Lunch Counter Discussion

UPDATE: 1/27/09  It turned out to be boring so the forum is closed unless and until there are enough people willing to have a civil debate on issues of the day.