Air America: Homophobic Huckabee?

Post Iowa caucus analysis by Air America’s Senior Political Correspondent David Bender and Mike Papantonio, co-host of Ring of Fire, an Air America radio program, on Huckabee’s performance in Iowa and beyond. In their opinion, his plus is he is against big business (like BIG LAW?) and carries a ‘populist’ message. Their vehement dislike for successful (BIG) business is obvious. Oh, but the downside is he’s a homophobe, that that’s what we’ll get if he becomes President.

Coming from two educated people, well, a reporter and a lawyer. The offending bit of liberal smearness begins around 9 minutes into the 12 minute video. Calling someone you fear or oppose something like a homophobe does illustrate perfectly the far left’s moral and intellectual base. That is why I hope Air America stays on the air. You need to hear them, if only for a couple minutes. The network does have my sympathy. They’re finding out how hard it is to find a sponsor willing to tolerate that kind of stuff, and, a public that wants to hear it. You can count on these guys to bring it to you. Investors welcome, but be forewarned, they already want the Fairness Doctrine revived.

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