Writers Guild Strike Brings Out The Re-runs

Is it just me or have you also not missed a moment of Hollywood’s output? It is beginning to feel like a great pall over a segment of the media has been lifted. Frankly it wouldn’t bother me one bit if they ever returned to do that work.

In keeping with the re-run theme, and to show my solidarity with the WGA, here is one I found of Saddam Hussein hanging around in the archives.

Another of my favorites is the moment Al-Zarqawi met his 300 lb. bearded virgins.  Only they weren’t real virgins.  They use that hymen replacement surgery down in hell.

And this one is another of my favorite movies.  It shows what happens when the best military on the face of this planet finds the enemy.  In this case it is a few Islamofascist terrorists.  Can you say Blackhawk?

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