Voter Fraud, A Democrat Party Mandate?

It was just two days ago that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) was reported here to have come out with a proposal to prevent States from requiring a photo ID to vote in all federal elections. That’s not all he is up to. Try this. H.R. 2457: Same-Day Voter Registration Act of 2007, also sponsored by Keith Ellison.

What? You need 400 votes to win? No problem, send four busloads of ‘votes’ to that precinct. Done deal. This doesn’t sound like democracy in action, but it is within the realm of something Democrat party operatives in the Soros wing would do.

Another likely scenario. Guessing that most of those people who have never voted have the attention span of a gnat in heat when it comes to the U.S. political process, you have a one-week ad blitz, ending on election day. You flood ALL media with ads in the native language of ‘your constituents’, like Spanish or Arabic for example, to go to the polls and vote because the Democrats said that you can. And while you’re there, remember who gave you that vote and who will also, if elected, give you citizenship, a free education, and free health care.

Not one republican signed on as a co-sponsor. Imagine that? I don’t hear any public outcry for such legislation. Do you? Do you suppose Democrats just want to facilitate fraudulent elections?


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2 thoughts on “Voter Fraud, A Democrat Party Mandate?”

  1. In what way am I misinformed? You mean that in Minnesota they CAN’T register on voting day?

    Glad to hear that EDR works well where you live. But nationally it is ripe for voter fraud. And no one would want our election process to be tainted with fraud, would they?

  2. It’s funny because you’re obviously ill-informed on this issue. Minnesota has had Election Day Registration (EDR) since the 1970s and has probably the best-run elections in the nation. EDR is not a partisan issue here–it’s GOP operatives elsewhere that try to make it one.

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