Lawyers Being Rounded Up, In US?

Pakistani President Musharraf has his hands full to say the least. He is rounding up protestLawyer Round-Up In Pakistaners who also happen to be lawyers. Or is he rounding up lawyers because they are the protesters? No word yet whether that would be good for global warming.

It’s a tough call.
And on the domestic front, lawyers face another challenge. They are being caught breaking the law. Imagine that? Officers of the court and all. I guess it shows more than anything else that lawyers are not unlike people in other occupations.

But, not everyone thinks that way. Class action attorney, and Host of the Ring of Fire show on Air America Radio, Mike Papantonio thinks there is a conspiracy in this country to single out the BIG LAW attorneys, like himself.

Mike Papantonio, a trial attorney in Florida, believes the recent indictments are part of “a design to dismantle the plaintiffs bar.”

A little tort reform never hurt anybody. I’ll never forget a piece of advice I got from an attorney for free. And that was, don’t break the law and you won’t need me.

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