Regime Marches On, “Net Neutrality”

Never ceases to amaze me, given the track record of this administration, how genetically gullible, or genetically faithful to this regime, people can be.

This fact should be a red flag. A BIG red flag.

The full text of the rules will not be revealed to the public until after the FCC’s vote on Thursday morning.

The gullible have been conditioned to believe in vapor. Beginning with “hope and change.” Then there was the “Affordable Care Act.”

Who did not have hope? Everyone had hope. What we didn’t know, well, what people who voted for Obama didn’t know, is just what his hopes were and what kind of change he had in mind.  The Affordable Care Act turned out to be anything but affordable. In fact, the President won the “lie of the year” for it.

Now comes the next nondescript, warm and fuzzy sounding set of government regulations called Net Neutrality. Sounds quite “fair” doesn’t it? There’s nothing about the internet that is broken or that requires the government to step in and take it over too! Where is the evidence that things the government controls actually works?

Ask yourself, given recent history, and given the fact that we can’t know, and therefore won’t have the opportunity for public input, what kind of regulations we are in store for until after it is voted on by the FCC, what makes you think the end result will be anything good for the country or compatible with the First Amendment? Especially since this takeover is being done entirely outside of the legislative process. By-passing Congress yet again.

Where is your confidence that the end result will be anything that anyone wants?

One can not even say “anything that is being promised” because the Obama administration (the most open and transparent one) is keeping its content secret. That should tell you that the purpose has nothing to do with fairness or neutral-ness. It has everything to do with control of yet another sector of the private economy and content, aka speech.

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What Religion Is Barack Obama?

What does it matter if Obama is a Christian, an Atheist, or even a Muslim? That talk is irrelevant according to our 1st Amendment. But it is something the media would like to hyperventilate over, if they can tar a republican with it. It’s why they’re having a hissy-fit because Gov. Walker won’t play their game, re: Rudy Giuliani comments.

When was the last time you heard anyone from the MSM ask Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden, or Elizabeth Warren how they feel about Bill Clinton traipsing off to an island with a pedophile?

The only thing that matters is how Obama carries out his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And so far, he’s not doing well.

It matters when he refuses to protect this country at home and abroad.

It matters how he gave up all that was gained in Iraq, had erasable ‘red lines’ in Syria, and now has handed ISIS a good part of both countries.

It matters when he succumbs to Iran’s delays on nuclear arms and now is going to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Just what Iran wants. He didn’t have to negotiate that. He may as well have said, I won’t try to stop you, so let’s come up with a way to make me look like a relevant leader of the free world.

Screw our ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Screw our NATO ally, Ukraine. Screw the Budapest Agreement.

An unpatriotic and irresponsible national debt? Who cares, as long as I can control everyone’s health care and tell them what to eat, how to live, and how much of their money I’ll let them keep as I grow the government beyond recognition. It’s what he called “fundamental change.”

It’s things like this that matter.