View Of Success Differs On Food Stamps

In a report submitted to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights on Friday, the U.S. State Department is boasting that there were “46.5 million” people on food stamps in the United States last year and that a quarter of all Americans received government “food assistance.”

Nearly double the 26 million recipients there were when Obama was elected in 2007. Given the success of the Obama’s economic policies this should come as no surprise. A result of the rising unemployment rate (U-6) and falling family incomes.

A perfect illustration of the consequences of the socialist mindset of big government Democrats. They view success by how many people are on government assistance.  Conservatives view success by how few people need government assistance.

Some charts here offer food for thought.

Link: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  |  U.S. Brags to U.N.: We Have 46.5 Million on Food Stamps